NewsMeet the Thermonator: The flame-throwing robo-dog is now up for grabs

Meet the Thermonator: The flame-throwing robo-dog is now up for grabs

The robot dog has, among other things, a built-in flamethrower.
The robot dog has, among other things, a built-in flamethrower.
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9:16 PM EDT, May 8, 2024

For the first time, an autonomous robo-dog equipped with a flamethrower is available in the United States, setting a precedent for "quadrupeds" of its kind. This innovative robot is priced at $10,000 and accessible to the general public.

Produced by an American company, this robotic "dog" comes with an integrated flamethrower and is legal in most U.S. states. Its design is intended for ecological tasks such as vegetation control, pest management, and snow and ice clearing.

Named the Thermonator, this robotic dog is retailed at $10,000.

The Thermonator was developed using the framework of the Go1 robotic dog by Unitree Robotics, a Chinese firm. It is reminiscent of Spot, another robo-dog introduced by Boston Dynamics nine years ago.

A flamethrower is mounted on its "back." As the manufacturer explains, it boasts a range of approximately 33 feet and is compatible with fuels such as gasoline or a diesel blend.

The Thermonator is also outfitted with an obstacle avoidance system and a laser sight and offers autonomous movement or control via Bluetooth.

This unique "pet" has quickly become a sensation on social media, praised for its effectiveness in removing snow and ice from driveways, among other uses.

This device is the latest in a series of American innovations featuring four-legged robots. Previously, the introduction of a robo-dog with a sniper rifle and, more recently, a robot equipped with a rocket launcher have been witnessed. These developments suggest that scenarios once exclusive to science fiction are now becoming reality.

The release of the Thermonator has sparked considerable debate. It will be marketed in 48 states across the USA, where the classification of flamethrowers as weapons remains unclear.

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