HealthMeet Neo P1: The French ultra-plant that purifies air better than 30 standard purifiers and doesn't cost the earth

Meet Neo P1: The French ultra-plant that purifies air better than 30 standard purifiers and doesn't cost the earth

This plant has become a real hit.
This plant has become a real hit.
Images source: © Pexels | Teona Swift

8:39 AM EST, January 4, 2024

Plants do more than add character to our interiors–they are a joy to behold. While primary care such as watering, transplanting, and fertilizing are required, acquiring plants isn't just about their aesthetics. They possess numerous other qualities that could welcome you into the world of plant-tending.

What's different about this popular plant?

Researchers from the Neoplants Start-up have woven in several fascinating extremophiles, or genes, into the golden Epipremnum. They've enhanced the plant's resilience to varying conditions and markedly improved its air purification abilities. The modified plant, christened Neo P1, cleans the indoor air near-perfectly. Interestingly, the plant's evolved qualities empower it to eliminate dust and even the most harmful pollutants in the air. Lab tests revealed that the understated Neo P1 plants have a purification capacity equal to 30 air purifiers.

Counterintuitively, the Neo P1 plant eliminates everything harmful in the air we breathe without releasing any pollutants. Unlike many popular store-bought products, it doesn't require any filter changes or power supply, marking it as an eco-friendly alternative that brilliantly delivers multiple functions. While the plant's price at $179 might seem steep to some, considering it nearly amounts to the cost of a medium-priced air purifier, it just might be worth it. This extraordinary French-produced plant, bordering on a collectible's price, is slowly garnering a reputation in the avid plant breeders' world.

The price tag could make you pause and consider its worth. Seeing how a plant is correctly cared for will stay with you for years. Its resistance to climate variations and water scarcity adds more value. It also has the added benefit of beautifying your interiors, the air purification properties being your little secret. In contrast, an air purifying device has a limited shelf life and will eventually stop functioning.

The care and maintenance of Epipremnum plants:

Epipremnum plants are relatively easy to grow. When properly nurtured, they can extend up to 50 feet in length. Native to southeastern Asia, specifically the Solomon Islands, the plant is quite adaptable to conditions indoors. Regular watering and fertilizing during its growth phase keep it healthy. Remember that this plant doesn't like cold drafts or strong sunlight, so avoidance is best.

The natural charm of this plant lies in its decorative aspect, thanks to its long stems and exciting, heart-shaped leaves often hued in varied shades. If you want to create a mini jungle at home, the Epipremnum won't disappoint you. Don't forget to provide supports, ropes, and stakes for the plant because, unlike its counterparts, it isn't much for climbing.

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