NewsMedvedev's Harsh Words on NATO in Ukraine: Calls for 'No Prisoners'

Medvedev's Harsh Words on NATO in Ukraine: Calls for 'No Prisoners'

NATO mission in Ukraine. Medvedev flew into a rage
NATO mission in Ukraine. Medvedev flew into a rage
Images source: © Medvedev, TG
10:13 AM EDT, April 5, 2024

Dmitry Medvedev responded with a controversial statement to NATO foreign ministers' decision to establish a mission in Ukraine. "Take no prisoners! For every killed, blown up, or burned NATO member, the maximum bonus should be awarded. And do not return their bodies. Let their relatives suffer," he stated.

It is essential to note that many statements by Russian media or officials can serve as elements of propaganda, a portion of the information warfare conducted by the Russian Federation.

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Polish foreign minister Radosław Sikorski revealed that NATO's foreign ministers "have decided to establish a NATO mission" to support Ukraine. As the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs elucidated, this action does not signify entering the war, but it enables the use of the Alliance's coordinating, training, and planning capabilities to assist Ukraine more effectively.

Medvedev's disturbing commentary followed, suggesting that every NATO soldier killed in Ukraine should garner a maximum reward.

Medvedev didn't hide his contempt. "Just brazen beasts who view the whole world as fools! These NATO members must follow the commands of the Ukrainian armed forces exclusively; otherwise, they wouldn't even be allowed into such a dismal, decaying country as 'Ukraine,'" he ranted.

According to Medvedev, the presence of NATO forces equates to "waging war against Russia."

"Therefore, they must be treated purely as enemies, not ordinary enemies, but as elite groups akin to Hitler's SS executioners. And for these foreign vermin, unlike the unfortunate Ukrainians forced into war, there exists only one rule: take no prisoners! And for every NATO soldier killed, blown up, or burned, a maximum reward must be conferred. Their bodies shouldn't be returned. Let their families abroad suffer," his provocative post read.

Medvedev has been vocally supportive of the war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine since the conflict's onset, showcasing his disdain for the country.

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, during a youth festival in early March, denigrated Ukraine as a "failed state" and discussed its partition. He argued that the "special military operation" would continue until Ukraine surrendered.

Additionally, he proposed a "peace formula" with conditions including the unification of Ukraine's territory with Russia and laws for Ukraine to compensate Russia for the loss of lives and damages.
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