NewsMedvedev's fiery retaliation: Russia warns west over Ukraine arms

Medvedev's fiery retaliation: Russia warns west over Ukraine arms

Medvedev threatens the West. "Let them burn"
Medvedev threatens the West. "Let them burn"
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2:57 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

– Let the sensitive objects of the countries supplying weapons to Kyiv burn. They will burn along with those who manage them – wrote Dmitry Medvedev on the Telegram platform. This is the former president of Russia's response to the West supplying weapons to Ukraine, which can be used to attack targets in Russia.

Much of the information provided by Russian media or authorities is part of propaganda. Such reports are part of the informational war conducted by the Russian Federation.

After weeks of discussions, due to intensified attacks on Kharkiv, the United States made a groundbreaking decision.

– President Biden agreed that Ukraine could use American weapons against Russian forces shelling or preparing to attack the Kharkiv region – informed a representative of the US administration to PAP, adding that the ban on using ATACMS and other long-range missiles on Russian territory remains in effect.

A response from the Kremlin did not take long. After Putin's threats, this time Dmitry Medvedev, the former president of Russia, spoke up. As reported by "Rzeczpospolita," he posted a significant entry on the Telegram service.

The President of Russia for the first time allowed our weapons to be sent to regions that are at war with countries supplying weapons to Ukraine – wrote Medvedev in reference to Putin's Wednesday statement.

Medvedev emphasized that this is a "significant change" in Russian foreign policy. Who would be the potential recipient of Russian weapons? That is unknown.

Medvedev's threats

The former president of Russia, in his post, accuses the USA and European countries of claiming the right to "send any weapons to Ukraine." In contrast, Medvedev writes that "all other countries cannot help Russia." In such a way, Medvedev writes that it is as if a hostile country had attacked Russia. Yet, it is Russia that stands behind the invasion of Ukraine.

"Let the USA and their allies now feel the direct use of Russian weapons from outside, through third parties," – thunders Medvedev, emphasizing that "it is about parties considered by the West as enemies."

[...] Let the use of Russian weapons be as destructive as possible for their and our opponents. Let the sensitive objects of the countries supplying weapons to Kyiv burn. They will burn along with those who manage them. And we will enjoy their successful strikes with our weapons against our common enemies – writes Medvedev.
Medvedev threatens with Russian weapons
Medvedev threatens with Russian weapons© Telegram, screenshot

Let us recall. On Wednesday, Putin announced that – in response to the US decision – the Kremlin could take "asymmetrical" actions and provide analogous weapons to countries that will attack Western states.

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