NewsMedvedev demands death for Moscow concert attackers, implicates broad network

Medvedev demands death for Moscow concert attackers, implicates broad network

Medvedev ruthless towards the attackers. "They must be killed"
Medvedev ruthless towards the attackers. "They must be killed"
Images source: © East News | IMAGO/Evgeny Biyatov

1:15 PM EDT, March 26, 2024

Dmitriy Medvedev has made a stark statement about the individuals responsible for the massacre at Crocus City Hall near Moscow. He declared, "They must be killed," labeling the attackers in no uncertain terms. He didn't stop there; according to him, it is also vital "to kill everyone involved in this matter."

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Please note: Many reports from Russian media or government figures may be part of propaganda efforts, contributing to the information war led by the Russian Federation.

A devastating attack occurred at Crocus City Hall during a concert by the band Piknik on Friday evening. Four assailants unleashed gunfire, resulting in 139 deaths and injuring another 182 people. Authorities arrested suspects, including at least one individual from Tajikistan, by Sunday. Dmitriy Medvedev has openly denounced these terrorists.

"Everyone is asking me, what should be done? They were apprehended. Kudos to those who captured them. Should they be killed? Absolutely. And so it will be," Medvedev, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, expressed on Telegram on Monday.

Medvedev emphasized that it is "even more crucial to kill everyone involved in this matter." He declared, "Everyone. Those who financed, sympathized, or assisted. Kill them all," voiced the former president of Russia.

The United States issued a warning to Putin

American officials, drawing on intelligence, alerted Moscow about a potential terrorist threat early in March. Despite the tragedy at Crocus City Hall, Vladimir Putin, in his address, refrained from mentioning Islamic militants.

The Russian leader echoed the information initially disclosed by the Federal Security Service, noting that in response to the attack, 11 individuals were detained. He also mentioned that the four direct attackers "attempted to flee and were heading towards Ukraine," where facilities had been ostensibly arranged for them to cross the border from the Ukrainian side. Kyiv has refuted any involvement in the attack.

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