NewsMedvedev blasts UK's stance on Ukraine, brandishes nuclear threat

Medvedev blasts UK's stance on Ukraine, brandishes nuclear threat

Medvedev responds to Cameron. "Someone has called for a fight with Putin."
Medvedev responds to Cameron. "Someone has called for a fight with Putin."
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5:52 AM EDT, May 11, 2024

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, criticized David Cameron's remarks on Ukraine's use of British-supplied weapons. Medvedev's comments, delivered in a menacing tone, also insulted the British Foreign Secretary.

In an interview with Reuters, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced an annual military aid package for Ukraine worth three billion pounds ($3.74 billion). He emphasized the UK's commitment to providing "as much as needed" and stated that the UK did not object to the use of these weapons inside Russian territory. Cameron further mentioned that it was up to Kyiv to decide whether to use the supplied arms to target locations within Russia.

Dmitry Medvedev's reaction

Responding to the British official's statement, Dmitry Medvedev launched a tirade filled with aggression and bizarre threats. In a Telegram post, he mentioned, "Here someone called Cameron to fight with Putin to the very end," recalling Cameron's past with disdain. "A plain, dull Briton. He was joyously naive and resembled a mischievous sprout in an unexpected role. He displayed no strong feelings against Russia back then, just mediocrity," Medvedev wrote.

Falsely escalating the narrative, Medvedev argued, "Ukrainians, 'you can shoot our missiles wherever you want.' And we – the British – 'are not afraid of anything, even nuclear conflict.'" He insinuated that such actions could provoke severe responses, not limited to Kyiv or conventional weaponry.

Medvedev's threats became increasingly eccentric as he discussed potential retaliations and misjudged courage in face of a nuclear conflict. "Even His Majesty's most ignorant subjects should grasp the seriousness," he added sarcastically.

Concluding his rant, Medvedev indirectly warned Cameron, "Fighting Putin means fighting Russia. I don't have a polite retort, except, David - tread cautiously. I could... No, I won't. That's beneath me," thus ending his tirade.

Support for Ukraine

The U.S. Congress's approval of a $60.8 billion aid package for Ukraine was seen as a significant boost. According to Liam Collins, a former advisor to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the aid would help Ukraine maintain its positions. However, immediate offensive operations might not be on the horizon. Collins highlighted the importance of basic supplies, like artillery ammunition, over sophisticated systems or missiles.

The long-awaited decision by Congress enabled Ukraine, as stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky at the annual Ramstein group meeting, to strengthen its defensive line and advance and achieve its objectives in the conflict.

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