NewsMedia's responsibility in shaping society: Pope's powerful message

Media's responsibility in shaping society: Pope's powerful message

Pope Francis
Pope Francis
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7:16 PM EST, November 23, 2023

In his Thursday audience, Pope Francis focused his attention on the transgressions committed against women by men. He strongly advocated for the proper education of men to ensure they are capable of forming "healthy relationships".

In his speech delivered on Thursday, Pope Francis addressed the role of education and media in shaping men's mentalities. He reiterated that men should be taught in a manner that equips them to uphold "healthy relationships" with women. At a meeting with a delegation from Italian Catholic newspapers, the Pope spoke of the issue of crimes against women. He emphasised that the role of the Catholic journalists is to bridge divides rather than creating walls.

"We are witnessing immensely distressing instances of violence against women in the news these days. The need to educate for respect and care, as well as molding men capable of healthy relationships, is pressing," said the Pope.

Furthermore, Francis also mentioned that communication plays a pivotal role in "shaping people" and "forming society".

Addressing the journalists, he said, "your responsibility is to communicate in a straightforward and comprehensible manner, reminding everyone that beyond news and journalistic exclusives, there are always real emotions, stories, and tangible people who deserve respect, just like your own family members".

"There's always an unending need to reaffirm our commitment to promoting individual dignity, justice, truth, the rule of law, and co-responsibility in education," he concluded.

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