LifestyleMcDonald's fry serving size controversy debunked by employee on TikTok

McDonald's fry serving size controversy debunked by employee on TikTok

The restaurant worker confessed the truth about the portions of fries.
The restaurant worker confessed the truth about the portions of fries.
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4:56 AM EST, January 12, 2024

McDonald's restaurants rank among the most popular fast-food chains globally. Recently, social media has been buzzing with videos alleging McDonald's deceives customers by serving the same quantity of fries in small, medium, and large containers.

To counter these allegations, an employee posted an explanatory video on TikTok from within one of the chain's restaurants.

McDonald's employee reveals the truth about serving fries

Livy, an 18-year-old employee at one of McDonald's outlets, decided to disprove the online claims about fry servings. She did this using her TikTok account, and her video has since amassed over three million views.

In the video description, she asserted that the company has no intentions of deceiving anyone. To back it up, she presented a video showing her preparing fries for customers.

Initially, she poured fries into a packet meant for a small portion. Then, she transferred the fries from the small packet into a medium-sized red carton, only filled halfway.

She illustrated the actual serving size for a medium portion and added the necessary quantity of fries to the container.

This action was repeated with the transfer of fries from the medium carton to a large one, and the results were consistent.

Reaction from customers

Despite Livy's compelling demonstration, some of the viewers remained skeptical. Some comments suggested that they have never received a filled box of fries as shown in the video.

"My fries always look like they're from a small box," remarked one person.
"They never serve it like this, I eat at McDonald's quite often," another comment noted, among others expressing similar sentiments.
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