Tips&TricksMaximize your perfume's potency: Unveiling the secrets of enduring fragrance

Maximize your perfume's potency: Unveiling the secrets of enduring fragrance

The woman sprays perfume on her hand.
The woman sprays perfume on her hand.
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9:18 AM EST, December 21, 2023

The right fragrance serves as the proverbial cherry on top, enhancing our self-confidence. For this reason, we should not skimp on perfumes, but rather use them in a correct manner. As a result, the scent will leave a trail, lingering around us throughout the day. But how do we apply perfume correctly to ensure its scent envelops us for an extended period? Here's an effective solution.

How to apply perfume properly?

Often, we reach for the bottle and spray perfume haphazardly without putting much thought into it. This is a significant mistake that affects the perfume's longevity. Even if the scent is strong initially, you may be bitterly disappointed when it quickly disappears from your clothes. Such indiscriminate use of perfumes leads to their rapid consumption without truly savoring their scent.

The best practice for ensuring your perfume lasts is to apply it on moisturized skin; this intensifies its longevity. After taking a bath, apply a body lotion followed by the perfume. This process creates the first layer of the scent, which can be built upon afterward. Another trick is to use a cosmetic petroleum jelly, which can significantly increase the perfume's potency. When a small quantity is applied to the skin, it amplifies the fragrance and extends its duration. 

Correct perfume application zones

Knowing where to apply a perfume is another very important aspect of wearing it, helping you to smell great for extended periods. If you usually apply on your wrists and rub them together, you will find the scent fades swiftly. The trick is to spray perfume on areas where our body temperature is higher as these tend to retain the scent longer. The smell lasts the longest on the neck, collarbones, and the inner elbow. It's also helpful to apply perfume on the wrists, but only if you've applied petroleum jelly underneath and resist the urge to rub the wrists together. You'll undoubtedly notice a difference in its longevity immediately.

However, if you're still not satisfied with the results, you may need to modify your skincare routine. Consider investing in a series of body washes that carry the same or similar fragrance as your perfume. This kind of scent layering on your skin actually begins in the bathroom. Using a shower gel or oil and a body scrub of the same fragrance can completely transform the way you smell. Follow up this routine with a perfumed body lotion, some petroleum jelly, and finally your perfume. This approach will result in an incredibly rich and long-lasting fragrance.

We apply perfume to well-cared for and clean skin.
We apply perfume to well-cared for and clean skin.© Freepik
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