NewsMauritius on alert as Norwegian cruise ship reports cholera symptoms

Mauritius on alert as Norwegian cruise ship reports cholera symptoms

Mauritius on alert as Norwegian cruise ship reports cholera symptoms
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2:41 PM EST, February 26, 2024

Thousands of passengers and crew members of a Norwegian cruise ship are stranded near the port of Mauritius due to the risk of cholera on board.

The Port of Mauritius issued a statement on Sunday, February 25, informing that the cruise ship "Norwegian Dawn" was not allowed to dock in the port of the country's capital, Port Louis.

This decision was made after passengers experienced slight symptoms of stomach illness during the cruise. After reaching the coast of Mauritius, samples were taken from 15 people and placed in isolation until the results are available, which is scheduled for Tuesday.

"As the test results will only be known in approximately 48 hours, passengers who were due to board the 'Norwegian Dawn' and begin their cruise from Mauritius today will not be able to do so due to potential health risks. They will have to be relocated to available hotel establishments. The decision not to allow the cruise ship access to the quay was taken in order to avoid any health risks. The health and safety of passengers as well as that of the country as a whole are of the utmost importance to the authorities", wrote Mauritius Port Authority in its statement.

A total of 2,184 passengers and 1,026 crew members are currently on board the "Norwegian Dawn". Until it is confirmed that there is no risk of a cholera outbreak, the ship remains 5 kilometers from the shore.

Source: CBS News, Mauritius Ports Authority

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