EntertainmentMatthew Perry has passed away. Details emerge about his final day

Matthew Perry has passed away. Details emerge about his final day

Matthew Perry died at the age of 54.
Matthew Perry died at the age of 54.
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12:52 PM EDT, October 29, 2023

'Friends' star Matthew Perry passed away on October 28. The beloved actor was discovered deceased in his Los Angeles home. While law enforcement have ruled out any criminal activity and drug overdose, an investigation is ongoing.

Matthew Perry was found lifeless on Saturday. He was in a hot tub at his residence in Los Angeles. The exact cause of the acclaimed actor's death has yet to be determined, though reports suggest that no drugs were found on the premises and criminal foul play has been dismissed.

Tributes To Matthew Perry

Emotional images from the scene have emerged in the media. Both his parents and stepfather were seen in front of the actor's residence.

Perry's body was discovered by his assistant. Reports speculate that the actor may have drowned, but confirmation has yet to be given. Law enforcement continues the investigation.

Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the popular sitcom "Friends". He additionally starred in several popular films such as "17 Again", "Fools Rush In", and "Serving Sara". Not one to be pigeonholed, Perry dabbled in directing and screenwriting, even creating his own play, "The End of Longing", in 2016.

Matthew Perry's Personal Struggles

While Perry experienced great fame and recognition, he also battled with drug and alcohol addiction. The actor admitted to abusing medications after a jet-ski accident. Perry never shied away from discussing his past struggles with substance abuse during his time on "Friends", even revealing that his memory of three seasons of the sitcom was blurred due to his addiction.

After years of battling addictions, Perry turned his life around. He converted one of his residences into a center for those struggling with addiction and was recognised by the White House Drug Control Office in May 2013. In 2022, Perry released an autobiography detailing his personal experiences with addiction.

The news of the actor's death has left fans and fellow actors reeling. Countless tribute posts have flooded social media since the news broke. Even the official 'Friends' Instagram handle posted a heartfelt farewell.

The news of Matthew Perry's death has left us heartbroken. His talent was a gift to all of us. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, his loved ones and all his fans - as per the statement.
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