LifestyleMath riddle stumps many, can you solve it?

Math riddle stumps many, can you solve it?

Mathematical puzzles enjoy great interest.
Mathematical puzzles enjoy great interest.
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1:22 PM EST, November 17, 2023

Math riddles are a favorite among many online users. These are often elementary-level equations that, despite simplicity, manage to create confusion among internet users. Here's an example of such a riddle.

Mathematics is commonly perceived as challenging, demanding adherence to precise rules, logical reasoning, and creative thinking, particularly for complex problems. Students frequently express concerns regarding the complexities of specific topics and the lack of adequate explanations in the classroom.

Online sensation: math riddles

Regardless of past frustrations, mathematics and logic riddles have found popularity among adult internet users. These riddles serve as enjoyable exercises for the brain, proving engaging enough to fill free time during the day.

Lately, attention has been drawn towards a variety of equations. Despite appearing simple, even at the elementary school level, these riddles induce heated discussions online as users dispute the correct results.

Elementary math riddle. Can you guess the result?

Here's such a riddle. At first glance, this equation seems very straightforward:

140 : (5 + 2) - 6 = ?

To solve this math riddle, it's crucial to remember the order of operations - a common pitfall where many users err. Note that the correct approach is to perform operations in parentheses first, followed by exponents, multiplication or division, and finally, addition or subtraction. Also, remember to always perform calculations from left to right.

Applying this rule, first calculate the operation within the parenthesis: 5 + 2 = 7. Subsequently, divide 140 by 7 to get 20, and finally subtract 6 from 20 to yield 14. Hence, the correct result of the operation is 14.

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