LifestyleMath puzzle with two solutions stumps internet.

Math puzzle with two solutions stumps internet.

Solve the mathematical puzzle.
Solve the mathematical puzzle.
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10:06 AM EST, January 20, 2024

This intriguing math puzzle offers two possible solutions. However, its interpretation isn't evident to all. Surprisingly, only a handful of people manage to solve it. Presented below is a step-by-step breakdown of how to calculate the equation that has stirred up a debate amongst internet users.

First solution to the math equation

Math puzzles have become extremely popular on the internet. They are an enjoyable way to test your primary or secondary school knowledge. Often, opinions regarding the solutions of presented equations are profusely divergent. At times, even the seemingly simple puzzles can pose the most issues.

Often, when an issue appears excessively simple, we may overcomplicate it by searching for a hidden catch, falling prey to our own skepticism. In the case of this math puzzle, though, there's no need for worry. All we need to bear in mind is the order of operations.

It's common to forget that we begin with calculating what's within parentheses, then exponents. We then proceeded to multiplication and division (always reading from left to right), and finally addressed addition and subtraction (again, progressing from left to right).

Given these rules, in this math puzzle, we initiate with division. 220/2 equals 110. Then, we subtract 110 from 230, which yields 120 - the first solution to the equation.

Second solution to the equation

Some might suspect that we've given an incorrect solution. After all, 120 doesn't equate to the previously mentioned 5. However, there is a subtle difference: in the title, we've notated 5 with an exclamation mark. Few may remember that this form of notation represents a factorial.

A factorial is calculated using the product of positive natural numbers not exceeding n. In such a scenario, 1*2*3*4*5 equals 5!, which serves as the second solution of the math puzzle, as the factorial of 120 is indeed 5!.

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