LifestyleMastering the Illusion: Essential makeup tricks for women in their fifties and sixties

Mastering the Illusion: Essential makeup tricks for women in their fifties and sixties

What makeup for mature women?
What makeup for mature women?
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3:28 AM EST, January 30, 2024

Makeup is the true art of illusion. The application of lip pencil, for instance, can make the lips appear fuller, while an adequately drawn line on the eyelid can optically enlarge the eyes. In recent times, contouring, which can make the face seem much thinner, has become a hit. Ingenious makeup tricks that subtract years also exist. We assure mature women that they will never give up these tricks once they try them.

Starting steps for mature skin makeup

Where to begin? Any makeup application, regardless of age, should start with proper skincare. For women in their fifties and sixties, we recommend applying a gentle anti-aging cream (for instance, one with hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient) to thoroughly clean facial skin. A product labeled suitable as a makeup base is preferable. This ensures you have two benefits in one.

An essential step in mature skin makeup is the application of foundation. It's critical to use a relatively light, illuminating formula. Heavy and matte foundations will only accentuate wrinkles. The best option is a covering foundation (for example, one to conceal discoloration) that contains opalescent particles.

Lifting trick

The next step, often referred to as 'powdering the nose', involves applying a transparent satin powder to the 'T' zone with a fluffy brush. The final touch to the skin's appearance is to add blush to the cheeks. We recommend applying a light pink or slightly peachy shade to the cheekbones (not below!). This famous face-lifting trick will make the face appear fresh and optically lifted. For a radiant complexion, mixing the blush with a bit of highlighter is suggested.

What about the eyes and lips?

For mature skin, it's best to create eye makeup using light, satin shadows—slightly shiny ones, but without visible glitter particles. A graphic line drawn with liquid eyeliner might not work well, as it can make the eyelid appear droopy. Instead, highlight the lash line with a pencil and use a brush to blur it a bit. Complete the whole look with glossy lips.

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