LifestyleMastering the art of the perfect sponge cake: grandma's secret trick

Mastering the art of the perfect sponge cake: grandma's secret trick

Fluffy sponge cake - Delicacies
Fluffy sponge cake - Delicacies
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3:32 PM EST, November 30, 2023

The perfectly fluffy sponge cake serves as the foundation for many cakes and desserts. Even though there are countless recipes, not everyone can bake this cake perfectly on their first attempt. However, ever since my grandmother shared her trick, I've had no issues with it.

Despite its simple ingredients like flour and eggs, a sponge cake can cause quite a bit of trouble. It tends to collapse, can sometimes end up doughy, or may not rise as it should. In my family, my grandmother is the master of all sponge cake-based pastries. Every single time, her creations turn out flawless. The secrets she shared with me can help even novice bakers succeed.

Making the perfect sponge cake

The most important rule in baking a sponge cake is to strictly adhere to the ingredient list and their proportions. Even though I sometimes feel tempted to add, remove or modify something during the baking process, it's essential to resist these urges.

One critical factor to consider is the temperature of the ingredients. They should all be at room temperature, so it's best to remove everything from the refrigerator at least an hour before starting the cake preparation. Selecting the right sugar is also crucial - the finer, the better. Even though it's not particularly healthy, don't skimp on the sugar. It's not only a flavor enhancer, but it also provides texture and aroma. It's still important to stick with the amount given in the recipe, as too much sugar can cause the cake to collapse.

Sponge Cake - Delicacies
Sponge Cake - Delicacies© Canva | chuck

Grandma's secret trick

After baking a sponge cake, my grandmother always shaves off the baked top layer. I used to wonder about the purpose, but no one in the household ever seemed to mind because the sweet crumbs were always shared among everyone present. When I finally asked her why she did this and heard her explanation, I started doing the same.

This simple act of "peeling" the sponge cake not only makes the cakes look more aesthetically appealing but also prevents them from separating on the plate. This straightforward trick makes the pastries appear as though they've come straight from a top-tier bakery every time. Grandma definitely knows her craft.

You can conjure up delicious cakes from sponge cake - Delights
You can conjure up delicious cakes from sponge cake - Delights© Canva
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