FoodMastering the Art of Frying Fish Without the Frustration

Mastering the Art of Frying Fish Without the Frustration

How to fry fish in the correct way?
How to fry fish in the correct way?
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5:23 AM EDT, March 23, 2024

Do you often bake or stew fish instead of frying it because it falls apart every time you try? I have the perfect solution for this common dilemma.

Although fish, a rich source of nutrients, should frequently grace our tables, many people undervalue its health benefits. There's also a vast array of delicious recipes that can keep kitchen boredom at bay.

The reluctance to cook fish often stems from not knowing how to handle it properly, with frying being a prime example. It looks simple, yet many find it challenging. So, how can you overcome this problem? Let me show you.

Frying fish made easy

My friend Ania used to detest frying fish because it always ended up in pieces. Frustrated, she steered clear of any recipe requiring frying. That changed last Friday when she saw me effortlessly fry fish without falling apart. I shared with her a fool-proof trick I learned from a chef friend, promising it would change her cooking game.

Tips for frying fish perfectly

Before frying, select fish with firm flesh, such as hake, salmon, or cod. Ensure the fish is thoroughly dried using paper towels, which aids in a smooth frying process. Heat and grease the pan adequately with olive oil before adding the fish. Once one side browns, add some butter for flavor. Flip the fish gently and do so minimally to avoid breaking it apart. Avoid overcooking to prevent the fish from drying out. Following these tips will guarantee perfectly fried fish every time.

Fish have many nutritional values, so it's good to eat them.
Fish have many nutritional values, so it's good to eat them.© Adobe Stock | александр таланцев
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