Tips&TricksMaster the art of Christmas tree decoration with tips from Italian designer Francesco Bilotto

Master the art of Christmas tree decoration with tips from Italian designer Francesco Bilotto

The woman is hanging lights on the Christmas tree.
The woman is hanging lights on the Christmas tree.
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5:41 PM EST, December 18, 2022, updated: 8:52 AM EST, December 18, 2023

The most crucial decoration for any Christmas tree is the lights. However, many wrap them around our trees before moving to garlands or ornaments. According to Bilotto, this standard error causes the lights to distribute unevenly across the branches.

If you're aiming for a Pinterest-worthy Christmas tree, Bilotto's advice could make all the difference. The key lies in changing the order usually followed when hanging the decorations.

Step by step guide to decorating the Christmas tree

Want your tree to shimmer with colors or do you prefer a minimalist look? Perhaps you fancy a gingerbread-themed tree? There are endless possibilities. While we enjoyed decorating as children, as adults we often strive for aesthetic perfection. So, how do you create a Christmas tree that will mesmerize everyone?

Begin by selecting your ornaments. For a cohesive look, opt for decorations in a single shade like white. Timeless classics and white ornaments never go out of style. Adding decorations made from dried fruits, like oranges, can enhance your white tree, giving it a truly festive air.

The correct sequence for decorating the Christmas tree

Not sure about the order of hanging decorations on your Christmas tree? You're not alone; many of us ask ourselves this every year. Italian interior designer, Francesco Bilotto, who publishes on Instagram as fbbnyc, has a simple method to ensure even light distribution across the branches.

Starting at the very top, hang the lights, slowly leading the string downwards. Leave a gap of about 4 inches at the base and lead the string upwards. Repeat this process until the entire tree is covered with lights. After the lights are set, add bows, ornaments, and garlands. Lastly, place the star atop your tree.

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