TechMassive military aid package headed to Ukraine in 2024

Massive military aid package headed to Ukraine in 2024

T-72 tanks - illustrative photo
T-72 tanks - illustrative photo
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7:29 AM EDT, June 18, 2024

Western countries are preparing a significant tranche of equipment assistance for Ukraine. In the second half of 2024, Ukrainians will receive a very substantial array of military aid. The equipment list includes hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks, and the latest artillery and anti-aircraft systems. But who is planning to deliver what equipment?

X user Aryo published a list summarizing the plans of selected Western countries. Aryo is a commentator who has been providing reliable information about the war in Ukraine for years. This time, he presented a summary of the assistance that Ukraine is set to receive from some Western countries.

The equipment list is impressive, but it should be noted that it does not pertain to the coming week, contrary to previous information that has since been corrected. Instead, it outlines the weapons deliveries planned over the coming months rather than weeks.

This includes equipment collected worldwide with Ukraine in mind and those still being manufactured, such as the Swedish CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles. So, what can Ukrainians expect?

The list includes over 100 tanks. These T-72 tanks gathered from around the world, including the US and the Czech Republic, and an additional 14 Leopard 2 tanks that Spain has committed to delivering. Ukrainians will also receive French AMX-10RC, lightly armored vehicles with 105 mm cannons, often exaggeratedly called "wheeled tanks."

A consolidated list of equipment promised to Ukraine by certain Western countries
A consolidated list of equipment promised to Ukraine by certain Western countries© <Aryo>, X

The arsenal includes hundreds of transport vehicles, such as the M113, and various infantry fighting vehicles. The list includes models such as the M2 Bradley, CV-90, Marder, and 200 BMP family vehicles.

Critically important support for Ukraine also includes anti-aircraft systems. According to current declarations, Kyiv can count on significant support. This includes radar stations and as many as three Patriot missile batteries, which the US, Germany, and the Netherlands have promised to deliver, as well as NASAMS, SAMP/T, and Iris-T systems.

Among the planned equipment deliveries are many artillery systems, both older and latest models. The list features 12 FH77BW Archer self-propelled systems, an unspecified number of CAESAR howitzers, at least 26 Dana M2 howitzers, 16 Zuzana 2s, 18 M109A6s, 30 AS90s, and 18 HIMARS launchers.

Complementing this list are hundreds of wheeled vehicles, ranging from off-road vehicles like the HMMWV to M1117 patrol vehicles, BTR transporters, and modern wheeled Stryker armored transporters.

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