NewsMassive fires break out in Moscow, engulfing polymer factory and residential building

Massive fires break out in Moscow, engulfing polymer factory and residential building

Polymer factory fire near Moscow
Polymer factory fire near Moscow
Images source: © Telegram | Waleński Tomasz
8:11 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Near Moscow, in Obukhov, the roof of a polymer products factory caught fire, affecting an area of approximately 86111 square feet. The company's employees managed to evacuate the vicinity before rescuers arrived, according to local media.

"The firefighting operation is highly complicated, as the source of the fire is yet to be identified," was reported on Telegram. In the morning, more than 100 firefighters were actively working at the site. Thankfully, no casualties have been reported thus far.

Fires afflict factory and residential building in Russia

This was not the only fire outbreak in the Russian capital region last night. In Moscow, itself, a one-story industrial, administrative building on the Entuziastov highway was engulfed by fire. "The affected area is approximately 21528 square feet," reported the Kremlin's Interfax agency.

"Currently, there is no information regarding any casualties. The department reassures that all necessary measures have been taken to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings," the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations informed.

Conversely, in Samara, a gas explosion led to the destruction of a residential building. A fire broke out in the aftermath of the explosion. The local administration, however, reported that "there is no information about casualties."

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