NewsMassive fire at Uralmash plant raises concerns in Yekaterinburg

Massive fire at Uralmash plant raises concerns in Yekaterinburg

Great fire in Russia
Great fire in Russia
Images source: © Getty Images, Nexta | Nexta, SOPA Images

9:39 PM EDT, March 31, 2024, updated: 9:47 AM EDT, April 1, 2024

On Monday, the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations disclosed that a significant fire erupted at a factory in Yekaterinburg, located in the Urals. Spanning approximately 48,438 square feet, the blaze led to a portion of the roof, precisely 3,229 square feet, collapsing under its intensity. Billowing clouds of dark smoke rose above the city, indicating the fire's vast scale.

According to a Reuters report, the incident occurred at the Uralmash plant. Russian state media, referencing the facility's owner, clarified that the site engulfed in flames was not under the company's ownership but within its property boundaries.

Vast blaze engulfs Russian factory

Eyewitness accounts suggest an explosion preceded the disastrous fire, with "Nexta" on the X platform detailing the initial onset of black smoke billowing from the site. The Telegram channel Shot highlighted that the fire originated in a section storing around 132 gallons of paint, which likely contributed to the severity of the situation.

Reuters reported that Uralmash is known for manufacturing equipment crucial for the mining sector, metal processing, the cement industry, and energy production, including nuclear power plants.

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