AutosMaserati gears up for Formula E season: Italian elegance meets electric power on Mexico City track

Maserati gears up for Formula E season: Italian elegance meets electric power on Mexico City track

Maximilian Gunther, Maserati MSG Racing
Maximilian Gunther, Maserati MSG Racing
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1:32 PM EST, January 8, 2024

The forthcoming Formula E season offers unique challenges for the teams unlike last year, when third-generation cars made their track debut. At present, every team has gathered substantial experience and is aware of the areas they need to focus on for future victories. This marks Maserati's second season in the championship, and the Italian team is banking on continued advancement following their 2023 achievements.

Being the only luxury Italian brand in Formula E and particularly a manufacturer rooted in racing, Maserati is well aware of high expectations. Giovanni Sgro, the head of Maserati Corse, while remaining pragmatic, emphatically asserts the team's intent to maintain its progress. In 2023, Maximilian Günther clinched four podiums. He secured third place in the initial races in Berlin, Jakarta, and Rome, and accomplished a landmark first victory for the Italians in Indonesia's capital's second race.

Despite being only 26 years old, Günther will be the more seasoned and older member of the team. This is due to the addition of Jehan Daruvala, a former Formula 2 racer. As the only rookie in the 2024 season, the Indian driver, who is a year younger than Günther, makes Maserati's driver lineup the youngest in the field.

Each driver is currently gearing up for the start in Mexico and each is facing unique challenges. Last season's race proved difficult for Maserati, a fact the team aims to learn from this year. Adding to Daruvala's challenge is his lack of experience on the Mexico City track. Nonetheless, the team spirit remains resolute and fighting.

- Following an intense and thrilling inaugural season, we were eager to hit the track again - Giovanni Sgro said. - Being with the team in the service lane and sensing the fresh energy of the new season is exhilarating. We aim to maintain the momentum from last year and showcase our competitive ethos.

- For us, Formula E is a priority in racing as it aligns with our vision of electromobility for the future - added the head of Maserati Corse during a pre-season press conference. - Starting from 2030, Maserati will only manufacture electric vehicles, and by 2025, each model will have an electric counterpart. In this light, the technological transfer from Formula E is crucial for us. Whatever we learn, both on and off the track, is a vital part of the luxury electric cars that Maserati will manufacture.

- It feels great to be back during race week - said Maximilian Günther. - The break seemed lengthy. In 2023, we built up momentum, and I am optimistic about the new season. The entire team is working diligently not just on the track but off it too.

- It’s fair to say that I’m really excited for my debut with Maserati MSG Racing in Mexico - what an iconic place to start my journey as a Formula E driver - shared Jehan Daruvala. - Together with the team we have worked really hard over the last few months make sure that I’m as prepared as possible ahead of the start of the season.

The longest Formula E season in history, counting seventeen races, is set to be the tenth. Maserati will also host its new home race - as the Rome round is superseded by the Misano E-Prix, featuring two races on April 13 and 14.

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