NewsMarlin Luanda tanker attacked in the Gulf of Aden, fire outbreak managed with no casualties

Marlin Luanda tanker attacked in the Gulf of Aden, fire outbreak managed with no casualties

Demonstration of Yemeni Huthis
Demonstration of Yemeni Huthis
Images source: © PAP

3:06 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Trafigura, the owner of the ship, confirmed that the outbreak of fire on board Marlin Luanda was promptly dealt with using onboard firefighting equipment. No casualties occurred due to the incident, and the company remains in close contact with the ship to monitor the situation, according to the company's statement.

A warship in the vicinity responded to the distress call sent out by Marlin Luanda.

Reports of the assault on the ship and subsequent fire were made by the UK's Maritime Trade Organization (UKMTO) and British security firm Ambrey, both specializing in maritime safety. The organizations reported an attack on a ship in the Red Sea, in close proximity to the Yemeni port of Aden.

The Houthi military spokesperson validated the assertions, verifying that the Yemeni rebel maritime forces executed an operation against the "British" tanker Marlin Luanda in the Gulf of Aden.

Continued attacks for several weeks

The Houthis have been launching offensive strikes against commercial ships in the Red Sea for a number of weeks, extending their targets to warships as well. The group proclaims that its objective is to back the Palestinians, currently engaged in conflict with Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

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