EntertainmentMark Wahlberg, 52, showcases chiseled physique in late-night workout reveal on Instagram

Mark Wahlberg, 52, showcases chiseled physique in late-night workout reveal on Instagram

Mark Wahlberg can boast spectacular form.
Mark Wahlberg can boast spectacular form.
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8:17 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Mark Wahlberg kicked off his acting career over three decades ago. Since then, he's been making waves with his excellent shape in nearly every on-screen appearance. His remarkable physical condition plays a key role in movies like "The Fighter", "Pain & Gain", and "Father Stu".

Mark Wahlberg maintains his physique with a stringent routine

Mark Wahlberg maintains his impressive figure by following a strict routine. The 52-year-old star visits the gym almost daily. His routine includes waking up early, praying, taking supplements and vitamins, and drinking espresso to stave off hunger.

Wahlberg often engages in two workouts a day, one of which is typically very early. He recently showcased his late-night weightlifting session at 10 PM EST on social media.

In the shared video, the Hollywood star is seen flexing his muscles for the camera. He lifts his T-shirt up to reveal his sculpted abs, which form an aesthetic six-pack. That day, he was focusing on a lower body workout, accompanied by trainees whom he puts through a rigorous workout.

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