LifestyleMan's unusual attempt to hide baldness with tattooed bangs stirs internet

Man's unusual attempt to hide baldness with tattooed bangs stirs internet

He tattooed a fringe on his forehead. He wanted to cover his bald spot.
He tattooed a fringe on his forehead. He wanted to cover his bald spot.
Images source: © TikTok | @gipsygtattooer

6:32 AM EST, January 12, 2024

The 'New York Post' has also reported on the incident. A startling video was uploaded on the TikTok profile of Gipsyg Tattooer @gipsygtattooer. It showcases the drastic change she created for a particular male client. The 26-year-old Italian, hoping to camouflage his thinning hair, requested her to tattoo his head.

Unusual cover for baldness: tattooed bangs

The tattoo artist shared the video on TikTok with the caption: "My client always dreamed of having bangs, and I made his wish come true". The clip captures the artist sketching the design and then inscribing the tattoo.

The final reveal and the client's reaction occur at the end. His response is startling as the 26-year-old breaks down into tears. It remains unclear, however, whether these are tears of joy or despair.

The incredible sight left app viewers in disbelief. They were eager to comment on the footage. "I don't believe he's crying tears of joy," wrote one user.

"He's probably heading home to research the cost of tattoo removal," another chimed in.

Clever deception: fake bangs tattoo becomes a sensation

A few days after the video went viral, the tattoo artist uploaded another clip, revealing that the pair...had fabricated the entire story. They had tricked millions of internet users into believing the tattoo was real.

The woman reassured the audience that the 26-year-old was delicate and that he would soon demonstrate how the "tattoo" had healed. Soon after, the Italian appeared on camera with a head full of jet-black, synthetic hairs, clearly finding the incident amusing.

"Wow, it healed so well, it almost looks authentic," the man quipped.
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