EntertainmentMan's quest to transform into a wolf. A deep dive into the uncanny world of animal identity

Man's quest to transform into a wolf. A deep dive into the uncanny world of animal identity

The man longed to become a wolf.
The man longed to become a wolf.
Images source: © Zeppet.com
12:39 PM EST, December 19, 2023

People who identify as animals are a small group, but they are undeniably passionate about fulfilling their dreams. There is a significant difference between these individuals and the so-called furries, who dress up in costumes (fursuits) and transform into their animal alter egos.

A furrsona is a persona that a person takes on after donning a mask and costume. This culture encapsulates elements of cosplay and LARP (live-action role-playing), where participants impersonate specific characters, akin to extemporized theater, often performed according to a script with various tasks.

People who identify as animals maintain an acute awareness of their humanity. However, what sets them apart from furries is their ambition to truly metamorphose into an animal. They do not invent their animal character; they literally become it.

We have previously depicted Toco the dog who fetches and harbors dreams of meeting a female counterpart, a Japanese man who aspired to become a wolf, and a man preparing for his transformation into a sparrow.

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Zeppet, a Japanese company, specializes in producing realistic animal costumes. The company is engaged in creating scenery for movies and also caters to private orders.

The man who decided to order a wolf mask confessed that he "had previously been captivated by dogs, especially wolves". He recounts that his longing to become a wolf had significantly intensified, leading him to search the internet for wolf masks.

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The man imparts his excitement for the awaited day when he will be able to spend his time "as his personal wolf," and shares his eagerness for the day he will venture into society in a wolf body.

Zeppet charges a price ranging from a few to hundreds of thousands of dollars to craft a full animal costume.

The man decided to become a wolf.
The man decided to become a wolf.© Zeppet. com
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