NewsMan's body discovered in airplane engine at Salt Lake City airport

Man's body discovered in airplane engine at Salt Lake City airport

Plane at the airport in Salt Lake City. Illustrative photo.
Plane at the airport in Salt Lake City. Illustrative photo.
Images source: © Getty Images | George Frey

8:40 AM EST, January 2, 2024

As reported by "The Bellingham Herald", the Salt Lake City Police Department is leading an investigation into the demise of a 30-year-old man. The body was located inside the engine of an aircraft parked at the international airport in Salt Lake City.

The police, in their statement, revealed that the man "passed away after infiltrating the airport tarmac and entering the engine intake cover of the airplane". The preliminary stages of the investigation confirmed that the aircraft's engine was not operational then.

The identity of the 30-year-old man remains undisclosed. The investigation commenced on Monday evening, Eastern Time. According to the authorities, the airport store manager reported a passenger disturbing the peace within the secured area of the terminal to the Airport Control Center.

The Airport Control told the police officers that the man had used the emergency exit door. Officers, alongside airport staff, began a search operation, confirming that he had accessed the airport ramp area.

On Monday, around 10:10 PM Eastern Time, the unconscious man was located in the engine of one of the airplanes. Despite resuscitation efforts by medical services after removing the man from the engine's intake cover, they were unable to save his life, resulting in his death on site, as stated by "The Bellingham Herald".

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