EntertainmentMåneskin's split. Band members chase solo careers after Eurovision success and three albums

Måneskin's split. Band members chase solo careers after Eurovision success and three albums

Måneskin announces a break.
Måneskin announces a break.
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9:58 AM EST, January 5, 2024

Måneskin, an Italian rock band, comprises vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, drummer Ethan Torchio, and guitarist Thomas Raggi. Formed in Rome in 2016, the band decided to participate in the Italian "X Factor" a year after their formation. Although they came in second place, they released a successful debut EP "Chosen". They experienced a significant career boost after clinching victory at Eurovision in 2021, earning worldwide recognition.

Is Måneskin a flash in the pan?

Four years have elapsed since Måneskin's Eurovision triumph. During this period, the band has performed numerous sold-out concerts at some of Europe's most prominent venues and have been featured in several high-profile festivals and galas. It's been an incredibly productive time musically, seeing them release three albums - "Il ballo della vita", "Teatro d’ira: Vol. I", and "Rush!" - since their debut.

Måneskin has revealed that they will be taking a break from collective creation after this year's tour. Specific details regarding this farewell tour are not currently available, though it's expected that the band will soon announce the locations and dates of the concerts. It raises the key question - "What does the future hold for Måneskin?". Is a break required, and can fans anticipate new material in the coming months or years?

Måneskin's members unveil solo projects

Recently, the artists have begun discussing their plans for the near future. Damiano David revealed that he plans to work on solo material and anticipates releasing an album sans his bandmates. Victoria De Angelis aims to establish a career as a DJ in renowned clubs across the globe, with over 180 DJ sets purportedly in the pipeline. The future endeavors of Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio are yet to be announced.

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