NewsMan from Russia was in Israel when hell broke loose. Reaction to the Hamas attack

Man from Russia was in Israel when hell broke loose. Reaction to the Hamas attack

A Russian-speaking migrant recorded the effects of a rocket attack in Israel.
A Russian-speaking migrant recorded the effects of a rocket attack in Israel.
Images source: © Telegram

11:12 PM EDT, October 7, 2023

The whole world is in shock after an unexpected attack on Israel. However, in the first place, these are tragedies of civilians who have found themselves in the crosshairs of the attackers. A certain Russian-speaking migrant found himself in the very center of a rocket attack.

An unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israel, which started in the early morning of October 7th, shocked not only the Israeli military, but the whole world. The Palestinians launched an attack in every possible way completely unexpectedly, and the materials appearing in the media, which show their methods of action, can chill the blood in the veins.

It is precisely images depicting civilian tragedy that grasp hearts the most. Hamas, according to information and video materials, pays no attention to age or gender, committing real atrocities on the population living in areas affected by fighting.

While browsing through social media currently, unfortunately, one can come across many materials that confirm the drastic descriptions from the center of events.

Not only Palestinians and Israelis are in the conflict zone, of course. We must remember about many people who are not involved in the conflict at all. These are people who have come to Israel for a holiday or live there, but hold a completely different passport.

This is likely the case with a Russian-speaking migrant residing in the town of Netivot, whose recordings are reaching an increasingly larger audience.

"Recording after the rocket attack in Israel. "There is no one, no ambulances"

The author of the recordings' voice sounds terrified - the probable attack that heavily damaged the opposite building must have occurred no more than a few minutes earlier.

I'm pissed, something has destroyed the house here, it hit the house, and there's no one, no ambulances, damn it, do these people even live there, or not? - we can hear on the first recording.

In subsequent shots, you can see moving columns, as well as the surroundings. Many people have come out of buildings or are standing on balconies, curious about the unfolding situation or wanting to know what really happened.

The assumed nationality of the witness to this event is very telling. - This video shows a small hole from a missile, which is completely different (smaller) than the rockets that Russia uses in the war with Ukraine - internet users notice.

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