Tips&TricksMake your home sparkle: tips for efficient pre-Christmas cleanup and the best tools to use

Make your home sparkle: tips for efficient pre‑Christmas cleanup and the best tools to use

Artificial Christmas tree and detergents
Artificial Christmas tree and detergents
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5:04 PM EST, December 17, 2023

Some might argue that the annual marathon of holiday preparations can be a tad excessive. But who doesn't love a clean, organized home, especially when expecting family and friends? Christmas decorations won't be as dazzling if placed on dusty surfaces. Therefore, rolling up your sleeves to put your house in order can be a satisfying endeavor if done right.

How to initiate pre-holiday cleaning?

Before diving head-first into cleaning, it's smart to think things through. Plan your tasks and spread them over several days to save time and avoid stress. Cleaning in stages is the key to success. For instance, begin by tidying up cabinets on a Monday, and washing curtains and drapes on Tuesday.

This period also offers a prime opportunity to clear out unnecessary items taking up valuable space. Sorting through your belongings not only creates more room but also allows you to inventory what you have and what you need. The small-steps method is a wise approach to avoid overwhelming yourself before the busy holiday season.

It's also essential to allocate an appropriate amount of time. Dedicate a few hours each day to avoid feeling overwhelmed and maintain enthusiasm for further tasks. Plan your day around your professional and family responsibilities, allowing ample time to relax. This will yield worthwhile results without causing undue pressure.

What tools are necessary for holiday cleaning?

In addition to patience, it's prudent to consider what tools you'll need for an efficient clean-up. Garbage bags, though basic, are critical for maintaining cleanliness. Interestingly, they can also serve as protective covers for furniture during minor refurbishments before the holidays. Sorting and disposing of items in bags straight away can reduce mess and save time.

Choosing the appropriate duster can help expedite the process. Microfiber dusters are recommended because of their anti-static properties, making dust removal easier. They're also great for polishing cutlery or glass. Furthermore, when using potent cleaning agents, it's important to protect your hands to prevent dryness. Never forget to wear gloves.

What other items should be included in your cleaning kit?

Aluminium foil isn't just a convenient kitchen essential for wrapping food. It can also help clean grime off grills and trays. Likewise, baking paper isn't just for holiday baking; it can be used for protecting kitchen countertops as well.

Holiday cleaning will be a pleasure, not an unpleasant duty.
Holiday cleaning will be a pleasure, not an unpleasant duty.© Pixabay | anncapictures
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