Tips&TricksMake your floors sparkle: A DIY homemade cleaner that outperforms commercial products

Make your floors sparkle: A DIY homemade cleaner that outperforms commercial products

The woman is mopping the floor.
The woman is mopping the floor.
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6:49 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Cleaning floors is one of the most straightforward household chores. The method is simple: add some detergent to water, immerse your mop in the solution, and wipe the floor. However, even this fundamental task can sometimes result in streaks and marks on the floor that can make it appear dirtier than it was before cleaning.

Fortunately, streaks and marks can easily be avoided. We're excited to share a trusted recipe for an effective homemade floor-cleaning solution. Once you use it, you'll quickly forget about stubborn stains and streaks. Your floor panels will gleam, and you most likely already have all the necessary ingredients at your disposal.

Make your floors shine with vinegar

Vinegar is a familiar item found in most of our homes. Although commonly used for cooking, it also serves as an effective cleaning agent. When added to laundry, it not only softens and disinfects, but also whitens the fabric. Moreover, it can be used to clean a shower cabin or fittings, effectively removing limescale and other buildups.

Vinegar is equally effective for washing floors, as it polishes and disinfects the surface. Simply add three tablespoons of vinegar to 1.32 gallons of boiling water in a bucket. For a pleasant aroma, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The scent will spread throughout your home, giving it a fresh and clean smell. Dip your mop in this prepared solution and wipe your floor. Both panels and tiles will look clean and shiny, with no noticeable vinegar smell.

A DIY floor cleaner that tackles even the toughest stains

The vinegar solution might not be sufficient for heavily soiled floors. In such a case, you'll need a stronger cleaning agent capable of tackling even the most stubborn, dried-on grease stains. That's where dishwasher tablets come in. Loaded with potent ingredients like soda and citric acid, they can effectively cut through the most resilient grime.

Preparing this powerful cleaning solution is quite simple. Dissolve two dishwasher tablets in boiling water in a small bowl, then add the liquid to a bucket of hot water. Soak your mop in this solution and clean your floors. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how clean and fresh they look.

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