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Make squeezing garlic even simpler by skipping a step

A garlic press is a useful device. Most people don't know how much.
A garlic press is a useful device. Most people don't know how much.
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7:13 PM EST, November 26, 2023

Would you believe us if we told you that there's a high chance that up until now, you've been using the garlic press in a way that the inventor didn't intend? Probably not. That's why we bet that right after reading this article, you'll immediately rush to the kitchen to test our words. Then everything will become clear!

Garlic is a fundamental ingredient in a vast number of dishes. It's no surprise that we often use it in our kitchens. Flavoring cooked meals with the scent and taste of garlic is generally achieved using a garlic press. Interestingly, many of us use it incorrectly, or rather, in a way that unnecessarily consumes our valuable time.

Correct usage of the garlic press

Whether it's called a press, presser, squeezer, or shredder, it's always the same device you know well. On one side, there's a basket with holes, on the other, a steel presser that pushes the garlic cloves through the shredder, saving us time and effort spent on manually chopping garlic. Since it's about saving precious minutes in the kitchen, why not fully optimize the process?

We dare say that most individuals, before placing the garlic cloves in the press, peel them. Surprisingly, this action is entirely unnecessary. The press is designed in such a way that the hard skin isn't allowed through the tiny holes of the basket, remaining instead in the core. In other words: by not peeling the garlic, you achieve the same result without wasting time on peeling. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Ways to remove garlic smell from hands

Peeling garlic not only wastes time but also carries the risk of causing your hands to have a distinct smell that can last for hours. Let's face it: the aroma we appreciate on cooked meat isn't a welcomed scent on our skin. Moreover, getting rid of it can be challenging unless you know the right tricks.

The garlic press will retain the peel, and the cloves of the herb will be crushed.
The garlic press will retain the peel, and the cloves of the herb will be crushed.© Canva | Counselling

In such situations, you should utilize one of these three valuable tips. The most effective methods to eliminate the smell of garlic from your hands are:

  • rubbing your hands on a metal object, such as a spoon,
  • cleaning your hands with ground coffee,
  • washing your hands with a paste made from salt and lemon juice.

Remember to ensure you don't have any cuts on your hands before using these methods (especially the last one). It could be painful!

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