NewsMajorca and Ibiza crackdown: New laws to end tourist binge-drinking

Majorca and Ibiza crackdown: New laws to end tourist binge-drinking

The plague of drunk tourists. The authorities of Ibiza and Mallorca say enough and introduce prohibition.
The plague of drunk tourists. The authorities of Ibiza and Mallorca say enough and introduce prohibition.
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Bartłomiej Nowak

5:18 AM EDT, May 12, 2024

The Balearic authorities have decided to implement measures aimed at curtailing the practice of binge drinking among tourists. Starting May 10, alcohol consumption on principal streets in Majorca and Ibiza will be forbidden. This prohibition extends to party boats that serve alcohol; they're barred from coming within a nautical mile of the alcohol-free zones.

The initiative to tackle "destructive and dangerous behaviors" attributed to tourists arises from the manifold incidents involving tourists and alcohol that Ibiza and Majorca residents have reported.

Effective Friday, May 10, alcohol consumption in certain party-centric streets of both islands was banned. Violators could face fines ranging from 500 to 1500 euros.

But the crackdown doesn't stop there. The Spanish Mediterranean Sea islands' governing bodies have also vehemently opposed the concept of "party boats" where alcohol is both sold and consumed. New legislation now keeps such boats at least one nautical mile away from shores designated as alcohol-free zones.

The law targeting anti-social behavior falls short

The original legislation dubbed the "Combat Against anti-social Behaviors" Act, was rolled out in 2020 to mitigate excessive alcohol intake among visitors. Four years later, it became evident that the law was too permissive and failed to deter tourists from disregarding it.

Introducing the new decree to enforce prohibition

The newly enacted decree will be upheld in the Balearics until at least December 2027. The authorities firmly believe that within this span, they will be able to "educate" tourists, obviating the need for further restrictions.

Palma's mayor, representing Majorca's capital, outlined correcting "uncivil behaviors" as a primary aim of the new law. He highlighted its impartial application, which affects both holidaymakers and locals.

A new legal mandate is in effect, prohibiting the nighttime sale of alcohol in retail outlets and imposing a ban on party boats in specific locales, including Llucmajor, Palma, and Calvia in Majorca, as well as Sant Antoni in Ibiza.

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