NewsMajor problems in Russia. This recording reveals it all

Major problems in Russia. This recording reveals it all

Big problems in Russia. This recording says it all.
Big problems in Russia. This recording says it all.
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7:29 AM EST, December 3, 2023, updated: 2:57 AM EST, December 4, 2023

Things are taking a turn for the worse in Saratov, Russia, as people are forming long queues for eggs and stockpiling them. In the past week, prices have rocketed to an inflation record. The situation seems unlikely to improve soon. Amidst the war initiated by Vladimir Putin, life in Russia continues to grow increasingly difficult.

Anton Heraszczenko, an advisor to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, frequently posts materials about Russia on the social media platform, Platform X (previously known as Twitter). His most recent posts reveal the grim reality in Saratov, a Russian city that is a river port on the Volga. Home to around 838,000 inhabitants, the city is currently grappling with economic hardship.

The scenario is so dire that citizens are forced to wait in lengthy queues for something as mundane as eggs. Many are buying them in large quantities to counter future shortages.

The politician sheds light on local media reports that showcase long lines for eggs, now prized at $0.84 each. Surprisingly, the demand is so high that altercations erupt over who gets them. Above this, over the past week, the soaring prices of eggs have set an all-time inflation record. Consequently, vendors have resorted to selling them per piece.

Are "food wars" resurfacing in Russian grocery stores? Anton Heraszczenko wonders.

Severe difficulties emerge in Russia

In information provided by the British Ministry of Defence, Russian inflation, expected to exceed the inflation target until 2024, may seriously increase the cost of the war in Ukraine.

The financial strains on Vladimir Putin's regime, as highlighted by Reuters, are primarily due to a twofold increase in the 2023 defense spending to $100 billion, which constitutes one-third of Russia's total public expenditure for this year.

The economic sanctions imposed on the Moscow regime by the West also considerably influence the situation. The impact of these restrictions is such that the revenues from gas and oil exports have been slashed by 41.4% compared to the previous year within seven months of 2023. This cascade of events is making life progressively challenging for the Russian people.

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