LifestyleMajor changes in Thailand aim to encourage tourist spending

Major changes in Thailand aim to encourage tourist spending

Nightclubs in tourist towns will be open until four in the morning.
Nightclubs in tourist towns will be open until four in the morning.
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1:23 PM EDT, October 31, 2023

The authorities in Thailand are seeking ways to increase cash inflow. The government has decided that nightclubs will now be able to operate until four in the morning Eastern Time with the intent of encouraging tourists to spend more money.

The Bangkok Post reported that the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior in Thailand, Traisuree Taisaranakul, confirmed that an agreement has been reached regarding the operation regulations for entertainment venues in tourist regions.

Nightclubs to extend operational hours

Once the guidelines are precisely defined, authorities in tourist regions will have the ability to apply for permission for entertainment venues to operate for extended hours. Clubs there may be open until four in the morning Eastern Time.

The prospect of securing income for the state budget from night tourism might seem odd, but this sector is actually one of the most lucrative.

Tourism is a highly significant sector of the economy for Thailand. In 2019, the country welcomed nearly 40 million foreign tourists. These travelers contributed $53.2 billion to the state budget.

In 2023, Thailand saw over half as many tourists as in 2019

By way of comparison, the Thai portal Khaosod reported that from January to September 10 of this year, 18.5 million tourists made their way to Thailand. The revenue generated from this was $21.68 billion. Clearly, this is less than half of the visitor numbers recorded before the pandemic.

This year, most tourists to Thailand hailed from Malaysia (2.85 million), China (2.2 million), and South Korea (1.06 million). Visitor numbers from Europe were noticeably fewer. This can be attributed to both inflation and the increasing costs of aviation fuel.

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