NewsMadrid revolts. Thousands take to the Streets

Madrid revolts. Thousands take to the Streets

Thousands of people at the demonstration against amnesty in Madrid.
Thousands of people at the demonstration against amnesty in Madrid.
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6:09 PM EST, November 18, 2023

On Saturday morning, Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid overflowed with crowds as thousands once again expressed their opposition to the proposed amnesty for Catalan separatists. This promise was made by the socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez.

Since autumn, nationwide protests have erupted across Spain over this amnesty promised to Catalan separatists by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Last Sunday, anti-government demonstrations were held in 52 cities, with a turnout of at least 2 million residents. The largest of these gatherings was noted in Madrid.

This past Saturday saw yet another colossal demonstration in the capital. Hundreds of thousands armed with Spanish and European Union flags assembled at Plaza de Cibeles. They carried banners housing slogans such as "Sánchez, traitor and liar," "Pedro Sánchez is the 21st Century's Judas," "Not in my name," and "No to amnesty."

A substantial number of protesters then moved towards the headquarters of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), led by Prime Minister Sanchez. The organizers estimated over a million participants in the march, however, the authorities reported a number closer to 170,000.

Despite parliamentary elections being held on July 23, Spain continues without a government in place. The Popular Party (PP), led by Alberto Nunez Feijoo, clinched the vote, but the center-right politician failed to garner a vote of confidence in Congress in September. As Sanchez attempts to assemble his third cabinet, he is heavily counting on support from various quarters, including Catalan separatists. In return, they are demanding amnesty for thousands, both convicted and accused, of orchestrating an illegal independence referendum in 2017.

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