TechM2A2 Bradley ODS and drone employed in Avdiivka to counter Russians

M2A2 Bradley ODS and drone employed in Avdiivka to counter Russians

The M2A2 Bradley ODS is shelling Russian positions with fragmentation-incendiary ammunition.
The M2A2 Bradley ODS is shelling Russian positions with fragmentation-incendiary ammunition.
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6:46 PM EST, December 9, 2023

Since October, the Russians have made urgent attempts to seize Avdiivka, a city that has been transformed into a fortress by the Ukrainians. To safeguard the city, Western-equipped units capable of inflicting significant losses on the Russians have been deployed nearby. One such piece of equipment is the M2A2 Bradley ODS Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). Allow us to acquaint you with its capabilities.

Ensuring control over Avdiivka, the town of Stepove, situated a few hundred meters from the railway embankment and beyond which the Russians are stationed, is crucial. The intensity of the conflict in this region is such that the 47th Independent Mechanized Brigade, armed with the M2A2 Bradley ODS IFV, has been involved.

The video below shows the M2A2 Bradley ODS as it targets positions behind the railway embankment using its M242 Bushmaster 25mm automatic gun. The gun fires indirectly, like artillery, with a drone adjusting the fire based on tracer bullet feedback.

The Bradley is likely discharging M792 HEI-T ammunition, a fragmentary-incendiary type with a tracer. The ammunition comprises a roughly 0.41 lbs projectile, which features about 0.066 lbs of a potent RDX explosive, shrapnel-producing steel body, and incendiary material. The explosion disperses the shrapnel and incendiary matter within a radius of at least 16 feet. The projectile is outfitted with an impact fuse that self-destructs 6.2 seconds post-launch.

M2A2 Bradley ODS - A highly valued ubiquity from the first Persian Gulf War

The Americans supplied M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle units to the Ukrainians. These are upgraded versions of the A2 ODS model, which itself is a modernization of the 1980s A2 model. Significant enhancements to the model include a new laser rangefinder and more sophisticated optoelectronics featuring state-of-the-art thermal imaging, greatly improving visibility under challenging conditions.

With a substantial weight of 59,525 lbs, the M2A2 Bradley can be outfitted with BRAT reactive armor, which significantly bolsters protection against handheld anti-tank armaments using shaped-charge warheads. When faced with kinetic threats, the vehicle's front armor can withstand fire from 2A42 30 mm automatic guns. Meanwhile, the vehicle's sides resist fire from large-caliber KPW caliber 14.5×114 mm machine guns.

The M2A2 Bradley IFV's arsenal enables a three-member crew to effectively back the six assault soldiers on board. The weaponry consists of the M242 Bushmaster 25mm automatic gun, capable of firing 200 rounds per minute and accurate up to about 2 miles. The ammunition can either be anti-tank or fragmentation-incendiary, like the aforementioned M792 HEI-T rounds.

Additionally, the M2A2 Bradley mounts a 7.62x51 mm NATO caliber machine gun and a twin launcher for BGM-71F (TOW 2B) guided anti-tank missiles, with a maximum effective range of roughly 2.33 miles. Given the vehicle's decent resistance to mines, shrapnel, and drones, it offers commendable infantry protection and a solid level of firepower.

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