TechM2 Bradley is the new hero in Ukraine's battlefield

M2 Bradley is the new hero in Ukraine's battlefield

M2 Bradley in Ukraine, illustrative photo
M2 Bradley in Ukraine, illustrative photo
Images source: © X | Anton Sheveliov, Defense of Ukraine

9:44 AM EDT, April 23, 2024

A new recording from the vicinity of Avdiivka showcases a Ukrainian M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle in a rescue operation. This reminds us of the features and capabilities of these vehicles, which are considered among the best equipment available to the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainian soldiers, analysts, and military experts have praised the M2 Bradley repeatedly. Abundant photos and recordings have confirmed the durability of these vehicles, which have saved the lives of Ukrainian soldiers on numerous occasions. We witness this type of situation once again.

M2 Bradley recorded near Avdiivka

Drone footage captures how the M2 Bradley crew enters an area controlled by Russians to successfully evacuate Ukrainian soldiers from the battlefield, who would have had no chance of survival without their support.

The M2 Bradley is one of the most heavily armored infantry fighting vehicles, featuring armor made of steel, aluminum, and composites. It provides all-around protection from heavy machine gun fire and, from the front, can also protect against 30 mm caliber automatic cannon rounds.

Ukrainians often enhance their protection with the BRAT package - Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles. This reactive armor protects against the effects of shaped charges used, for example, in RPG-7 grenade launchers.

The offensive capabilities of the M2 Bradley are exceptional for this class of equipment. It is equipped with a 25 mm caliber M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon with a dual-feed system, offering a rate of fire up to 200 rounds/min and an effective firing range of about 1.24 miles. Additionally, the crew can access a 7.62 mm caliber machine gun and a launcher for TOW anti-tank missiles.

In confrontations with older Soviet-era equipment, the M2 Bradley has demonstrated its superiority numerous times. Using this vehicle, the Ukrainian military has eliminated not only Russian transporters but even entire convoys. A noteworthy encounter includes a victorious engagement with a Russian T-90M Proryv tank.

More Bradley vehicles for Ukraine

As part of the support from the United States, about 200 units of the M2 Bradley vehicles will arrive in Ukraine by the end of 2023. On April 19, 2024, the long-standing blockade on new aid packages for Ukraine was lifted in the US Congress. The forthcoming support includes additional M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, some of which, according to CNN, are already in Germany and Poland, expected to expedite deliveries to Ukraine significantly.

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