TechM2 Bradley in a new version. The Pentagon has unveiled a concept

M2 Bradley in a new version. The Pentagon has unveiled a concept

BPW M2 Bradley.
BPW M2 Bradley.
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3:06 PM EST, November 14, 2023

The Pentagon has unveiled a conceptual image of the XM30 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. This machine is touted as the future replacement for the widely recognized M2 Bradley – a vehicle noted for its endurance and efficacy. We delve deeper into this new development from the US.

The US Army's Office of Procurement, Logistics, and Technology released a summary and conceptual image of the planned flagship Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) on Facebook. The XM30 aims to overcome the technological constraints ingrained in the M2 Bradley, which were present due to the vehicle's inception in 1981.

Since the early 1980s, the Bradleys have proven their merit in countless battles, often regarded as near impregnable. This notion was confirmed through experiences in Ukraine, where the M2 Bradley withstood encounters with the Russian tank T72, as well as attacks from the BM-21 Grad launcher. Finally, the US decided to advance its Infantry Fighting Vehicles, so the conceptual XM30 was introduced.

The Pentagon's proposed design is (like its predecessor) principally a reconnaissance vehicle built on a tracked propulsion system. It boasts augmented protection and transit abilities and guns capable of countering nearby frontline threats.

While the XM30 project is yet to be finalized, insights can be gathered from the graphic. The new IFV visually bears a resemblance to the M2 Bradley. The Defense Blog suggests that the USA may opt for a capacity for two crew members and six-foot soldiers, with an expected cannon of 50mm caliber and a turret allowing for remote control.

"In close combat, the XM30 enables troops to detect and destroy targets beyond the enemy's reach," according to the graphic released by the US office. The conceptual illustration also emphasizes additional armor elements on the vehicle's side, hinting at plans to elevate the defensive capabilities of the new XM30 in contrast to its predecessor. As reported by Defense Blog, the contenders for the vehicle production contract include General Dynamics and Rheinmetall.

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