TechM2 Bradley Armored Vehicles Prove Indispensable in Ukraine Conflict

M2 Bradley Armored Vehicles Prove Indispensable in Ukraine Conflict

M2 Bradley
M2 Bradley
Images source: © Youtube | Haci Productions
11:12 AM EST, March 3, 2024

In various incidents over the past few months, video evidence has surfaced online, underscoring the M2 Bradley's pivotal role on the battlefield. Notably, a video released by Ukrainians depicts a Bradley vehicle withstanding a mine explosion without being hindered. Despite the significant blast, the vehicle's crew continued their frontline mission.

There have been other remarkable instances where the Bradley's reinforced structure survived attacks from a BM-21 Grad launcher. It proved to be a formidable adversary against the Russian T-72 tank and, impressively, emerged victorious in a confrontation with Russia's most advanced T-90M Proryw tank, often referred to as Putin's "pride."

Another Bradley Triumph at the Front

OSINT Technical has recently shared images capturing a Bradley that survived being targeted by several guided anti-tank missiles of unidentified origin. The vehicle, affiliated with the 47th Mechanized Brigade, was safeguarded by its BRAT reactive armor, praised for "effectively neutralizing Russian missiles," according to reports on X.

Touted as a unique countermeasure against the threats posed by shaped charges, such as those from cutting-edge long-range anti-tank missiles, the reactive armor panels shielded the Bradley, preventing it from being destroyed in combat. This defense mechanism, equipped on the vehicle’s sides and turret, was pivotal in protecting the crew onboard.

The M2 Bradley has been a key component of military arsenals since the 1970s. Its main armament comprises a 25 mm M242 Bushmaster cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun, positioned as one of the world's most heavily fortified infantry combat vehicles. The armor composition varies with specific usage intentions but combines steel, aluminum, and composite materials for protection.

Powered by an engine producing 670 to 800 horsepower (depending on the model year), the Bradley can reach speeds up to just under 43 mph and traverse water at about 4 mph. On a full tank, the Bradley boasts a range of nearly 310 miles, further testament to its versatility and endurance on the battlefield.

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