TechM1117 armored vehicles bolster Ukraine's defense, thanks to US aid

M1117 armored vehicles bolster Ukraine's defense, thanks to US aid

M1117 - illustrative photo
M1117 - illustrative photo
Images source: © Getty Images | Rawf8
3:41 PM EDT, March 19, 2024

As reported by Militarny, the M1117 armored vehicles have begun to appear in Ukraine. This move fulfills Washington's promise to transfer this equipment to Kyiv, made back in November 2022. At that time, the US announced a military aid package worth $400 million, which included delivering 250 refurbished M1117 vehicles. Let's delve into the M1117 and its capabilities.

Militarny highlighted a video shared by Ukrainian soldiers showcasing the M1117 armored vehicles. This footage was likely captured during training exercises at a Ukrainian facility, showcasing the vehicles in action, as seen below.

M1117: The First Vehicles Arrive in Ukraine

The M1117, or the Guardian, is an armored combat vehicle manufactured by Textron Marine & Land Systems. These 4x4 vehicles protect the crew against small arms fire, artillery shell splinters, and mines. According to the Service Army Recognition, the M1117 "provides greater ballistic protection than any other vehicle of its size in the world."

The M1117's primary strengths lie in its versatility, exceptional maneuverability, and ability to achieve high speeds. These features make it a vital support asset for Ukrainian soldiers operating under challenging conditions. It is currently being used, most likely, by the members of the 425th Independent Assault Battalion "Skala."

It's worth mentioning that the M1117 vehicles have already established their value in conflict zones, having been deployed by Americans in Iraq during the "Iraqi Freedom" operation and in Afghanistan for "Enduring Freedom."

The M1117 has a 40 mm Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher and a 12.7 mm M2 machine gun, enabling the crew to defend against and repel potential attacks effectively. On paved roads, the vehicle can reach speeds up to 62 mph, ford shallow waters, and easily navigate small obstacles.

With a range exceeding 435 miles, the M1117 comes in several versions, each tailored to specific needs and equipment. Typically, it can transport a 2-person crew along with 8 soldiers. Additionally, the vehicle is designed for air transport by C-130 or C-17 aircraft, capable of accommodating six M1117s.

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