NewsLukashenko's hands-on approach to boosting Belarus's agriculture

Lukashenko's hands-on approach to boosting Belarus's agriculture

Belarusian dictator Aleksander Lukashenko
Belarusian dictator Aleksander Lukashenko
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11:38 AM EDT, May 2, 2024

The Belarusian authorities are actively engaging in improving the yield of agricultural crops. They are not just overseeing but personally inspecting the sowing quality. This shift in focus towards seed quality and the rigorous application of cultivation technology was highlighted in a speech by Alexander Lukashenko.
In a detailed operation, Alexander Lukashenko, accompanied by a delegation of officials, visited the sown fields to conduct inspections.
"Where is the minister? Look for the seeds!" ordered Lukashenko. In compliance, the minister diligently searched the plowed field, feeling relieved upon finding the seeds.
Lukashenko had his team dig up parts of the field to ensure the seeds were properly sown.

"Presidential field"

This initiative stems from the intense discussions in a party executive meeting two weeks prior, which focused on the efficiency of domestic seeds versus imported ones. The discussions, which took place in a meeting dedicated to rural development and agricultural industry efficiency, highlighted the importance of domestic hybrid corn varieties.

According to Belta, the Belarusian state news agency, there was a debate among crop yield experts on the merit of domestic hybrid varieties of corn. The consensus underscored the critical role of Belarusian hybrid breeds in preventing fodder shortages.
Lukashenko has established a special "presidential field," spanning approximately 865 acres at the intersection of the Vitebsk and Mogilev regions.

"This was an experiment, not for amusement. We tested everything that scientists suggested, including domestic and imported corn varieties. I wanted to evaluate their performance personally. I can confidently say that if cultivation technology is followed meticulously, there's no advantage to imported seeds over domestic ones. This holds for corn and other crops. Neglect the proper sowing methods, and there will inevitably be issues," Lukashenko stated.

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