NewsLukashenko visits Beijing again as Belarus tightens relations with China

Lukashenko visits Beijing again as Belarus tightens relations with China

Łukaszenka is in Beijing again. Belarus strengthens relations with China.
Łukaszenka is in Beijing again. Belarus strengthens relations with China.
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12:24 PM EST, December 3, 2023

Alexander Lukashenko is undertaking his second trip to Beijing in 2023. The leader of Belarus is due to meet Xi Jinping once again. Their previous meeting took place in March, signifying a deepening relationship between the two countries.

The independent portal highlighted that Lukashenko's last visit to China occurred in March 2023. During that time, representatives of the Belarusian leader emphasized the "four hours of productive talks" with Xi Jinping. Lukashenko's press service also shared news about a "comprehensive program of meetings with government officials and large businesses".

Lukashenko returns to Beijing as Belarus heightens ties with China

In March, Lukashenko and Jinping were expected to sign trade agreements worth $3.56 billion. The two leaders discussed the war in Ukraine as well, since Belarus is an ally of Russia in the ongoing conflict. While Belarus did not choose to attack its neighbor directly, it has allowed Russian military access to its territory. reported that in March, the US Department of State commented that Lukashenko's discussions with Jinping demonstrate a "further deepening of cooperation between China and Russia, as well as those supporting the harsh Russian war on Ukraine".

Lukashenko's visit is reported to be of a "working nature", according to state news agency BelTA. They also recalled that during his previous visit, Lukashenko was welcomed with a ceremonial gun salute in China.

"The meeting agenda includes trade, economic, investment, and international cooperation topics," BelTA added.

After their meeting in March, President Jinping stated that the Chinese-Belarusian friendship is "inseparable and that both sides should continually strengthen their political trust and remain true friends and reliable partners."

The relationship between Belarus and China has grown closer following the war in Ukraine. Being an ally of Russia, Minsk is facing numerous Western sanctions and has started seeking trade agreements with China. It should be noted that Beijing has never officially condemned Russia's aggression towards Kyiv.

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