NewsLukashenko mobilizes hundreds to clear fields of stones for construction

Lukashenko mobilizes hundreds to clear fields of stones for construction

Lukashenko demanded quick actions.
Lukashenko demanded quick actions.
Images source: © East News, Telegram | AFP, Pul4Region
5:33 AM EDT, March 30, 2024
Aleksandr Lukashenko visited a region in Belarus to inspect a local battalion. During his visit, he took time to observe the nearby fields, where he noticed an abundance of stones. Subsequently, students, employees from neighboring companies, and military personnel were mobilized to clear them away.
In the Oshmyany region, located along the Lithuanian border, Lukashenko reviewed the progress of tasks within the area designated for a tank battalion. While there, the sight of fields littered with stones caught his attention. He seemingly issued orders to address this issue, leading to the mobilization of farmers and others to remove the stones.
"Workers from the industrial and social sectors, students from the Higher School of Economics and Agriculture, as well as military units, all joined forces in the effort. In total, around 200 people were involved," reported the Telegram channel Pul 4 Region.

The stones will be utilized in construction projects

It was noted that the collection of stones, dubbed the "stone harvest," is expected to continue until April 20. The collected stones will then be repurposed for construction projects in the region.
Last year, the endeavor even saw participation from players of the Belarusian Premier League team, Tarpieda-BiełAZ Zhodino, as reminded by the Zierkało portal.
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