NewsLukashenko alleges a US-Poland plot to defame Belarus and Russia. Experts suggest possible provocation at border

Lukashenko alleges a US‑Poland plot to defame Belarus and Russia. Experts suggest possible provocation at border

Did Alexander Lukashenko reveal Moscow's plans?
Did Alexander Lukashenko reveal Moscow's plans?
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11:22 AM EST, February 20, 2024

It's worth mentioning that much of what Russian and Belarusian media or officials report could be elements of propaganda. These are generally part of the information war steered by the Russian Federation.

BelTA, a Belarusian agency known for its regime-friendly stance, stated that Lukashenko mentioned a "planned provocation against the Polish population" during a discussion with security forces.

"We acquire scenarios of diverse types of provocations, carrying out extremist actions and employing fighters situated in the territories of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania, and we promptly announce them to the greatest degree possible. Consider this a continuation of our tradition. Here's another piece of operational information: Polish and American intelligence services are devising a large-scale provocation against the civilian residents of Poland, and they aim to pin the blame on Russia and Belarus," Lukashenko declared.

Some autonomous experts predict a provocation at the Belarusian-Polish border might be plausible. It is likely that the newly formed special units of Belarusian internal troops, which have received training from mercenaries belonging to the Russian Wagner Group, could participate.

Political analysts point out that Lukashenko revealing Moscow's plans is not a novel occurrence. He has communicated similar threats multiple times in the past.


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