TechLower your energy bills with this simple washing machine hack

Lower your energy bills with this simple washing machine hack

Changing the temperature in the washing machine can bring significant savings.
Changing the temperature in the washing machine can bring significant savings.
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7:56 AM EDT, June 24, 2024

This one button on your washing machine could help you save up to 70 percent on your monthly electricity bills. And not everyone realizes it. What exactly is it about?

If you care about saving money and using household appliances efficiently, look closer at your washing machine. This trick has gained immense popularity thanks to a user on TikTok who runs the account @budgetingmumofficial. In her tips, she highlighted a function on washing machines that can reduce electricity consumption and extend the life of clothes.

How to save on laundry?

The trick is a button that allows you to change the washing temperature, which most washing machines are equipped with. Pressing it twice before starting a wash is often enough to reduce the temperature from 104 degrees Fahrenheit to even 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you can quickly lower your monthly energy bills. How does it work?

Why lower the washing temperature?

Why should you use this button? Heating water to 104 degrees consumes the most energy. Washing in cooler water, i.e., at 68 degrees, can reduce electricity consumption by up to 70 percent monthly.

What are the other benefits of washing at a lower temperature?

Besides being energy-efficient, washing at 68 degrees has numerous benefits for the clothes. It is gentler on fabrics and helps extend their lifespan. Delicate materials are less prone to damage, prints do not crack, and colors do not fade. Moreover, clothes do not deform and retain their original appearance longer.

As you can see, cold washing brings savings and care for durable clothes that do not require frequent replacement. By pressing the appropriate button, you can save twice on electricity and clothes with each wash.

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