NewsLove is in the air: Tampa locals crowdfund to solve mystery of fish mating noise

Love is in the air: Tampa locals crowdfund to solve mystery of fish mating noise

Black drum fish / Tampa Bay
Black drum fish / Tampa Bay
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11:42 AM EST, January 23, 2024

For two years, Tampa residents have been plagued by intermittent low-frequency bass noises reverberating from the nearby bay, a persistent noise causing local headaches. One of the most bothersome aspects is not knowing the origin of the noise, according to reports from the local Fox13 station. Numerous speculative theories have attempted to trace the source of this pervasive sound, but so far, none have been confirmed.

However, American scientist Dr. James Locascio of the Mote Marine Laboratory, a Florida-based marine research organization, suggests an unexpectedly natural explanation - the mating call of the black drum fish. This particular fish emits a low-frequency bass sound during its mating season.

Dr. Locascio explains that this low-frequency sound carries quite well over long distances, which could explain why it permeates residences even over a mile from the water.

To validate this theory, a Tampa resident named Sara Healy has started a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform with a goal of $2500, equivalent to over 27,000 Polish zlotys. The funds raised will be used to install specialized sound recorders in the water. The campaign has already achieved more than $2,000 in contributions thus far.

Source: Fox13

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