NewsLost Russian soldier from 'Storm Z' unit found and detained by Ukrainian forces in Avdiivka region

Lost Russian soldier from 'Storm Z' unit found and detained by Ukrainian forces in Avdiivka region

The man didn't have any documents on him, he ended up in captivity.
The man didn't have any documents on him, he ended up in captivity.
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9:44 PM EST, February 11, 2024

The incident was recounted by a Ukrainian medic. He mentions that their team drove along with the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the Avdiivka outskirts to evacuate an injured man.

Upon arriving, they noticed an older soldier dressed in a uniform resembling the Russian Federation's. Their surprise deepened when they uncovered the true story.

The Ukrainians immediately engaged him in conversation, asking about his origins and intentions. The man appeared bewildered, however, it wasn't clear if that was the actual state or a guise. It transpired that he was a lost soldier from Vladimir Putin's army.

"Are you going to Krasnohoriwka?" The man inquired as soon as they approached him.
"Drive you to Krasnohoriwka? No, we can't do that" - the Ukrainians retorted and proceeded to frisk him for any documents or weapons.

Upon querying if he was part of the "Storm Z" unit, the man affirmed. This is the official title of the Russian subdivisions, comprising of prisoners who chose front-line service over serving time in penal colonies and labor camps. Every unit consists of 100-150 people and falls under the regular army's jurisdiction.

Media reports a few months ago revealed that recruits with substance addiction issues, convicts, and insubordinate soldiers are often deployed to "Storm Z" units. These are individuals who should ideally be behind bars. Nonetheless, Vladimir Putin consigns such men to front-line duty, sacrificing them for Russia.

"Guys, where am I?" - the disoriented man inquired.

It's widely believed that "Storm Z" units serve as "cannon fodder", also identified as "surplus infantry" and dispatched to the frontline's most perilous sectors.

The footage has sparked considerable critique from Internet users, particularly those from Ukraine.

"He sees the ZSU patches and even the sewn-on American flags and still queries about his location!? He deserted and feigns getting lost for the camera" - a commenter pointed out.
"Storm Z?", "Da da da :)". He nods in agreement, probably mentally impaired... - another commenter suggested.

A two-year battlefront in Ukraine

Sunday was the 719th day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It has been almost two years since the onslaught commenced. Just the previous night, Ukraine's air defense intercepted 40 out of 45 drones attacking Kyiv and other Ukrainian regions from Saturday night through Sunday.

The Ukrainian Air Forces confirmed that these drones were launched from occupied Crimea.

The following regions in central Ukraine were assaulted: Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, and Cherkasy, along with areas farther south, including Kirovohrad and Dnipro, and also the southern areas of Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson.

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