NewsLopburi's monkey mayhem: Police turn to slingshots for control

Lopburi's monkey mayhem: Police turn to slingshots for control

Monkey battles
Monkey battles
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3:28 AM EDT, March 31, 2024

In the tourist town of Lopburi, Thailand, a gang of monkeys has been causing chaos among its residents. Law enforcement officers have resorted to equipping themselves with slingshots and tranquilizers to manage the situation.

"I'm aware of the potential danger from the monkeys," said Apirak Wechkanchana from the local police in an interview with the media.

"They began to pose a threat to both tourists and residents. The slingshots our officers are now equipped with will help intimidate the monkeys if necessary," he added.

The police ensure they do not harm the monkeys. The slingshots are primarily used to deter them.

Monkeys on the run

The monkeys have become adept at recognizing guns equipped with tranquilizers and have learned to flee from them.

"We had to conceal our faces and the tranquilizer guns so the monkeys wouldn't recognize them," said one of the policemen.

Encounters with the monkeys have been captured on video and shared on social media, drawing public attention to the issue.

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