EntertainmentLogan Paul and KSI's $500,000 golden bottle riddle: find it, crack the code or watch it melt

Logan Paul and KSI's $500,000 golden bottle riddle: find it, crack the code or watch it melt

Logan Paul is giving away 500 thousand dollars.
Logan Paul is giving away 500 thousand dollars.
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9:44 PM EST, January 17, 2024

In a collaborative effort, Logan Paul and KSI have launched a drink called Prime Hydration. The beverage has turned out to be a tremendous hit in overseas markets. One can buy a 16.91 oz bottle in the US for around $8. The Youtube stars' business venture has quickly escalated, making it one of the fastest-growing beverage companies globally. In less than two years, they have sold nearly 1 billion units of Logan Paul's beverage.

Logan Paul celebrates the sale of 1 billion drinks

So, how do you celebrate such massive sales success? True to Logan Paul's style, with a WOW factor. He decided to disseminate Prime bottles made of solid gold around London and New York.

Whoever finds a bottle will need to crack the code, which would lead them to the jackpot worth $500,000. Conversely, if no one solves the puzzle within the given period, the golden bottles will spectacularly self-destruct.

Mark Rober steps in: is the $500,000 going to go up in flames?

The golden bottles are safely housed in a divine protective case made of bulletproof glass, but Mark Rober, the youtuber tasked with their security, didn't stop there. He declared that if fans can't crack Logan Paul's code in time, the $500,000 will ignite, courtesy of a small vat of molten lava purportedly placed under the bottle.

In a similar scenario, Czech youtuber Kazma encased a million euros in a box. His viewers couldn't solve the puzzle, leading him finally to scatter the money from a helicopter. Therefore, it's plausible that Logan Paul will ensure that the $500,000 doesn't go unsalvageably astray.

Logan Paul's viewers currently have less than two days to decipher his riddle. If not, the prizes will go up in smoke.

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