LifestyleLiving in celibacy for two years. What motivated her?

Living in celibacy for two years. What motivated her?

Hannah has been living in celibacy for two years.
Hannah has been living in celibacy for two years.
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1:41 PM EDT, November 4, 2023

Hannah Hutson, a 22-year-old woman, is certain that she could live without sex for the rest of her life. She regards celibacy as the best decision she's ever made, claiming it has taught her to love herself.

Deciding to forsake sexual intimacy, Hutson made her choice after realizing she was being used by men. She highlighted how, in every relationship, she felt her partners were more interested in her physicality than any emotional connection.

In her past, she focused only on pleasing men. However, after two years of celibacy, she claims it has brought her self-acceptance.

Choosing to give up intimacy with men

Since embarking on this celibate journey, Hutson asserts that her self-esteem has improved. She suggests that the absence of sex has enabled her to understand and prioritize her own needs.

"Living celibately really empowers me. When I had sexual relationships with men, I felt that was the only time I was loved and desired," speaks Hutson in an interview with "Daily Star".

She embraced celibacy after a hard breakup. Initially, she sought solace and control over her sexuality by engaging in casual relations with random men. However, she soon realized these interactions were detrimental. The socio-economic lockdown due to the 2020 pandemic also influenced her decision.

Moving in with her mother, Hutson seized the opportunity to cultivate self-love, which marked the beginning of her abstinent lifestyle.

Holding hopes to break free from celibacy one day

Commencing a relationship after a year of celibacy, Hutson soon realized she was once again being objectified. She ended the relationship, continued living a celibate life, and discovered ways to find pleasure independently.

Considering herself a romantic, Hutson doesn't obsess over intimacy, but craves love. She confessed that choosing celibacy wasn't easy, but she believes the wait for "the one" is worthwhile.

"It's a tough process to understand that I need to love myself before someone else can love me," she noted.

Hutson's celibate lifestyle has borne distinct benefits.

"I now dedicate all my time, energy, thoughts, and emotions to myself, my career, and my family, rather than someone who views me solely as a sex object. This change has vastly improved my mental health since my actions now mirror a high sense of self-esteem and respect. It's the best decision I've ever made," she further commented on TikTok.

Hutson does not plan to remain celibate forever. She remains firm that her next sexual relationship will be with her future husband. Hutson is unfazed by how long she might have to wait for her chosen partner, confident that they will cross paths eventually.

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